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Owl Sun XVI Collection

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With April coming to an end soon, we’re slowing gearing up toward the hot and humid weather of summer. The scorching heat and high humidity levels may be uncomfortable, but that shouldn’t keep you from going on your daily adventures and tackling the urban jungle or wilderness. What you need is the appropriate gear to keep you cool throughout the hotter days without sacrificing style.

Founded in 2013 in Italy, Owl offers distinctive products made from natural Italian materials, minimal design, and meticulous attention to detail. Their products are comfortable and familiar, yet with a subtly distinct look that flows from organic and natural lines. Just in time for the warmer season, their Sun XVI Collection offers beautifully designed summer-wear that is comfortable for your everyday adventure. Made from materials like hemp, linen, and light Italian cotton that is summer appropriate, you should be able to stay comfortably cool while looking the part as well.