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Tropicfeel NS40 The All-Possible Travel Jacket

Tropicfeel Presents Its Versatile NS40 The All-Possible Travel Jacket

The NS40 Jacket is Tropicfeel’s newest addition to its travel gear.

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The best travel jackets combine breathability and waterproofing with a lightweight yet durable build that allows the jacket to be tightly packed down and stored in a compact waterproof daypack. The NS40 All-Possible Travel Jacket from Tropicfeel checks each of these boxes, going one further with an innovative multi-function design that allows the wearer to transform it from a traditional waterproof rain jacket to protect them from an unexpected downpour into a snug gilet for keeping warm after a long hike.

This unique design approach is matched by Tropicfeel’s consistent use of high-quality materials throughout the All-Possible Travel Jacket, which blends hard-wearing graphene technology to enhance durability with Thermofibre insulation for additional warmth. The company has been at the forefront of outdoor clothing and accessories since its inception, delivering consistently exemplary standards in its range of Tropicfeel 30-66L backpacks and making its gear a mainstay of international globetrotters and explorers. It’s not surprising given the granular design choices, such as the additional storage pouches included with the All-Possible Travel Jacket’s self-packing pocket, which also transforms into a handy cushion.

Versatile and optimized for a variety of rain and snow conditions, the flagship Tropicfeel NS40 All-Possible Travel Jacket is the ideal high-performance jacket for backpacking adventures and city breaks and a welcome addition to their expanding range of garments, rucksacks, and luggage.

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