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Tropicfeel Waterproof Daypack

Tropicfeel Waterproof Daypack Is The Ideal Backpack For All Weather

Features an interior elastic pocket to stay organized and a convenient roll-top opening that adapts to your needs.

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$ 83

Popular travel gear supplier, Tropicfeel, is gearing up to debut their smallest and only waterproof backpack to date, the Waterproof Daypack. Tropicfeel is known for its durable and versatile travel gear, from shoes and clothing to backpacks and luggage. Unsurprisingly, they’re expanding their collection to include a rugged yet modest daypack.

The Tropicfeel Waterproof Daypack is smaller than the brand’s original Shelter Backpack, rolling up to 40x25x10cm or expanding to 52x25x10cm when fully open. It’s lightweight at only 600g and made with polyester fabric coated with PVC to provide durability without heft. The Daypack can be worn as an add-on to the Shelter Backpack as a front pouch or worn on its own as a smaller backpack.

Setting out on a hike or trip where the weather could be unpredictable? The Waterproof Daypack is 100% waterproof when sealed correctly. It features a roll-top opening to keep your goods dry on the inside of the pack. With its hidden flexible straps, it’s suitable for front or back wear.

The Tropicfeel Waterproof Daypack comes in three colors – Core Black, Olive Green, and Fog Grey. All the neutral tones in this line complement any other travel gear you already own. The pack will be available for purchase in June 2023.

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