TobyRich SmartPlane Pro

A remarkably easy smartphone-controlled stunt plane comes ready to fly.

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Ready to take your miniature flights to new heights? The TobyRich SmartPlane Pro isn’t your grandpa’s RC airplane. This smartphone-controlled stunt plane comes ready to fly, so you can skip the assembly and get straight to Flight School — an interactive app that teaches you how to operate it. And thanks to built-in features like auto-stabilization and a sensitive pressure sensor, these lessons are actually remarkably easy, incorporating your smartphone controls and included joystick in fun and intuitive ways.

Of course, whether you activate the plane’s pre-programmed stunts or master the science of tilting, turning, and looping at maximum velocity, you also want a plane that can handle some trial and error. That’s where the durable design comes in. A combination of lightweight carbon fiber and durable DURINUM make this airplane more durable than usual, giving you room to experiment without breaking key parts and ending your fun early. It even comes with a lithium-ion battery that recharges in 20 minutes to get you back in the air quickly.