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Seven Three Irish Channel Whiskey

This Whiskey From Seven Three Distilling Salutes The Historic Irish Channel Neighborhood In NOLA

It’s not everyday that a blended whiskey takes gold, but this blend of American and Irish whiskeys has done exactly that.

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$ 80

Purists may have strong feelings about this one. Consistent flavor profiles are notoriously difficult to achieve in blended whiskeys, but when it’s a blend of two different origins — one from the States and the other from Ireland — this may be the perfect mixture for controversy among whiskey connoisseurs. It’s a good thing that the Seven Three Irish Channel Whiskey took home gold at the American Whiskey Masters, quelling all unfounded concerns about a blend of a ten-year-old American and three-year-old Irish whiskey. 

Aptly named after the historic Irish Channel neighborhood in New Orleans that blended American and Irish cultures, the 90 proof Seven Three Irish Channel Whiskey offers a complete note combining vanilla wafer, butterscotch pudding, light shaved coconut, creamed corn, malt, and fresh orchard fruit such as pear, apple and peach. Add that to a cognac barrel and you have a winning formula with depth and complexity and should not only please most taste buds but also convert that of the most discerning purists.