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The SHIIT Workout

This Workout Is SHIIT

Most people spend 3 days a year in the bathroom. The SHIIT Workout by Jim Squits is aimed at making the most of that time.

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The SHIIT Workout isn’t about super high-intensity interval training. This 96-page softcover book by Jim Squits is more appropriate as an addition to your bathroom library. That’s because it offers tips on how to make the most out of your toilet time by incorporating workout tips that are aimed at keeping you fit and keeping your gastrointestinal tract healthy. There’s really no reason to be ashamed, after all — everybody poops.

Most people end up getting sucked into Twitter, Reddit, or some other app whenever they’re in the bathroom. Whether it’s to avoid going back to the office or just to have some space to yourself, wasting that amount of time adds up to three days of your life that you’ll never get back each year. Instead, The SHIIT Workout helps you sculpt your core with a book full of humorous and helpful exercises that turn your lavatory into a home gym.