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Tap Wearable Keyboard

Will this replace traditional keyboards to become the communication mode of the future?

Tap is a wearable keyboard that allows you to type on any surface, using your fingers. The goal of the product is to make traditional keyboards obsolete in an environment where more and more of our communication is done without being tied to a physical keyboard, as virtual and wearable computing becomes more mainstream — think immersive VR gameplay, where typing on your keyboard isn’t necessarily the most practical.

Obviously, it’s not as straightforward as typing on a traditional keyboard. There is a bit of learning curve involved with the Tap, as you will need to familiarize yourself with the one handed gesture based tapping. To alleviate this, the makers suggest playing the TapGenius game that should take about an hour for you to learn. It does have the potential to become the communication mode of the future, as long as people are willing to invest some time and effort into learning how to tap.

To see some demonstrations on the various scenarios where the Tap may come in handy, check out the video below.