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Subtech Pro Drybag

Subtech Pro Drybag

This dry bag is waterproof, shockproof, and air tight, made for active people in extreme conditions.

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Most dry bags in the market are great if you consider their waterproofing qualities, but can feel a bit wanting when it comes to additional features. The Pro Drybag from Subtech is a carefully considered dry bag with the active lifestyle in mind that truly sets it apart from other dry bags.

Obviously, the key feature for any dry bag must be its ability to defend its contents from water, and the Subtech Pro Drybag excels with a IP68 waterproof classification that is waterproof down to 164 ft. The diagonal zipper keeps the bag completely water and air tight, withstanding up to 500mbar of pressure. The 45L interior also features a shockproof inflatable system that runs all along the interior of the bag. This not only protects your sensitive gear, but also works as a flotation device in case you drop your bag in the water.

For a full demonstration of the bag, check out the video below.