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OtterBox Yampa Dry Duffel Bag

Ready for wet adventures, with a padded waterproof exterior that keeps out moisture and protects your gear.

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Last minute packer or careful organizer… no matter how you pack for a trip, one thing is certain: you don’t want your clothes, shoes, or gear to get ruined on their journey. Imagine your frustration when the airport crews are taking their sweet time loading luggage during one of the Windy City’s infamous downpours. Fortunately, you’ll get the last laugh thanks to the OtterBox Yampa Dry Duffel Bag.

Available in three unique sizes to suit your needs, the OtterBox Yampa Dry Duffel Bags all feature a waterproof exterior that not only keeps out unwanted moisture, but is also padded to protect your gear (be it electronics or Bottega Veneta loafers) from being damaged during the inevitable fall from the luggage rack or transport vehicle. For the rugged man who plans on strapping his OtterBox Yampa Dry Duffel in the bed of a Ford F150 or to the back of a Pavati AL26 before wake surfing, the bag conveniently features Duraflex tie-down clips. Of course, for anyone who has a tendency to arrive later than expected, the exterior reflective strips ensure that you can find your luggage, provided of course that it made the 30 minute connection.