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‘Stone Island’ by Eugene Rabkin , Carlo Rivetti & Angelo Flaccavento

A Fascinating Look Behind The Curtain At Cult Brand, Stone Island

The new retrospective book, Stone Island: Storia, celebrates the history and design ethos of the brand.

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For nearly four decades Italian menswear creator, Stone Island, has defied definition. The brand transcends the worlds of fashion, luxury, and streetwear, refusing to be pinned down to one moniker. Rappers and futbol players the world over have embraced the Stone Island look. Now, fashion journalist and critic Eugene Rabkin has written a 256-page monograph. In Stone Island: Storia, readers will discover the intricacies of the history behind the celebrated brand.

Learn about Stone Island’s unrelenting commitment to design, from fabric applications to dyeing techniques. Discover the Stone Island ethos and culture that has made it a mainstay among celebrities and every-day fans alike. View never-before-seen photos and read three major texts delving into the brand’s history. The hardcover 9.5 x 12.375 inch book features an introduction by Caro Rivetti, head of Stone Island, and a foreword by Italian journalist and curator Angelo Flaccavento.