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Star Wars-Themed Apartment

Star Wars-Themed Apartment by White Interior Design

This sleek and modern apartment is fit for any 'Star Wars' fanboy.

How far would you go to indulge yourself of your passion? The desire to plunge into a lifestyle that one’s passionate about it understandable, but when does passion become obsession? Star Wars fans are a famously passionate bunch, some even going as far as living and breathing Star Wars, but even the most dedicated fans would hesitate to completely turn their home into a Star Wars-themed apartment.

Before you start visualizing a tacky space filled with Star Wars collectibles, this apartment in Taipei demonstrates how it can be done without plastering every inch of the home with posters and memorabilia. What could have easily become a fanboy’s grungy man cave has been turned into a sleek and modern apartment, thanks to a strong design concept by White Interior Design. Aptly named the Force Apartment, this is a space that fans can geek out over while those unfamiliar with Star Wars can easily appreciate as well. Subtle hints from the films adorn the space, such as light fixtures modeled after the light saber, along with more obvious nods to the galaxy far, far away as well. If we had to pick the perfect space for the new life size R2-D2 figure to live in, this would be it.