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Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth

Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth Handset

Live out the ultimate Trekkie fantasy with this Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator.

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For nearly 50 years Star Trek has wowed fans with epic stories that boldly went into new territories over six TV shows and 11 films. For some Trekkies, it has become a lifestyle, even almost a religion, where it’s not difficult to find someone speaking the fictional language of Klingon. For such a passionate bunch, it feels a bit amiss that the most iconic prop from the original show was never made available, despite our current technology making it possible.

Finally, there’s an official Bluetooth handset that is modeled after The Star Trek Communicator from the Original Series. There have been plenty of toys and replicas before, but nothing that truly lived up to its name. Constructed of pressed metal, die-cast metal, and machined aluminum to replicate the original prop from the TV show, it houses a lithium polymer battery with wireless charging via its metal base. Pair it with any phone and you can communicate with fellow Trekkies across the over this Bluetooth handset and relive your fantasies of exploring new worlds aboard the Starship Enterprise.