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Sphero BB-8

Sphero BB-8 With Force Band

New version of BB-8 wears a new matte paint job and comes with a wristband to control your droid.

The Sphero BB-8 was the surprise must-have toy from last year that gave us our very own miniature BB-8 from the Force Awakens. Sphero now introduces a new model with a new look and new abilities, with the special edition Sphero BB-8 With Force Band.

It comes with the Force Band, a dedicated wristband that controls your BB-8 via motion control. As it’s only paired with your BB-8 without relying on your phone over wifi, the controls are even more precise and gives you greater range. It wears a new skin too; it’s no longer glossy like last year’s version and rather looks closer to the version in the film with a weathered matte look complete with battle scars. The Force Band also has the Force Awareness mode that will allow you to collect digital holocrons around you — think part Pokėmon Go, part trading card, and you’ll get the idea.

To see the what the Force Band can do in action, check out the video below.