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Sony Xperia Ear

This is your personal assistant that lives in your ear.

Sony takes a stab at the virtual personal assistant game with their new Sony Xperia Ear. It looks like a regular bluetooth earpiece, but works similar to Apple’s Siri, much like a personal assistant that lives in your ear.

On top of understanding basic commands like making phone calls and sending text, it can also handle complex commands like checking the news or even searching Wikipedia to quench your latest thirst for random knowledge. With a combination of proximity sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer, the Xperia Ear has intuitive motion controls and knows if its in your ear. For instance, you can even nod to confirm a command. The device itself is customizable to suit your lifestyle, tailoring the experience to meet your everyday needs. There should be no issues staying in your ear all day as well, thanks to the comfortable in-ear fit. With the race to dominate the virtual assistant world with Siri, Cortana, and Google, we’ll have to see how Sony’s Xperia Ear can find its niche and whether it can provide an intuitive and intelligent experience to come out on top.