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Sonders MetaBeast X Is A Dual-Sport e-Bike Coming This Fall

A dual-sport e-bike with a weld-free aluminum frame.

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$ 6,500+

E-bike manufacturer Sondors announced two new variants based on its first electric motorcycle, the MetaCycle. These variants are called the MetaBeast and MetaBeast X. The MetaBeast and MetaBeast X serve as evidence that Sondors plans to create an entire lineup on its Meta platform.

These new models were announced by a set of single images posted on its website. The Sondors MetaBeast is the off-road model, while the MetaBeast X offers a dual-sport role. Both e-bikes feature a weld-free aluminum frame but differ in the specifications Sondors released.

The off-road-focused MetaBeast features a 72-volt, six-kilowatt battery source and a 29.5 lb.-ft of torque motor providing a top speed of 50 mph and an estimated range of 44 miles (when riding at 25 mph). This e-bike tips the scales at just under 125 pounds. By comparison, the Sondors MetaBeast X uses a 96-volt, 18-kilowatt battery pack with 44.2 lb.-ft of torque to provide a top speed of 75 mph. According to Sondors, if you ride the MetaBeast X at 31 mph, the expected range is 78 miles. The larger battery pack also increases the e-bike’s weight to 200 pounds.

You can pre-order the Sondors MetaBeast X and MetaBeast right now through its website. Deliveries within the United States are expected to begin in October 2023. Limited-edition variants are also available.

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