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Do you like to sleep? Are you the kind of person that needs some kind of noise to fall asleep comfortably? Maybe the white noise distracts you from the voices in your head? Then SNOOZ might be the perfect sleeping aid for you.

For people living in large cities like New York, finding a peaceful and quite place to sleep can be almost impossible. Unless you’re high above the street level, street noise can permeate to your bedroom quite easily in these heavily populated areas. Even if you don’t live in urban areas, things are equally as hard if you have noisy neighbors that like to watch horror movies at night. The presence of ambient white noise can act as a barrier for these unwanted noises, and that is exactly what SNOOZ will do for you. Unlike some machines that loop a recognizable sound, like crickets or waves, SNOOZ mimics the sound of a fan so you can easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

Watch the rather funny Kickstarter campaign video above to get a better sense of whether this can help you get the sleep you need.