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Singer Luxemburg Targa

Singer Luxemburg Targa & Minnesota

This owner couldn’t choose which 911. So he got both.

Everyone’s favorite Porsche 911 has some hardcore fans. Now that Singer has expanded its portfolio to include Targa models as well, looks like one particular owner can’t get enough of the Singer magic, as he has just commissioned Singer for one of each; a Singer Luxemburg Targa and Minnesota Coupe.

The cars truly exemplify the wide range of possibilities that’s on offer with Singer. The Luxemburg Targa is based on a 1990 964 and features one of the most unique interiors of any Singer 911. The seven-color leather weave pattern compliments the deep orange exterior and navy blue cabin, while the iconic Targa hoop has a special nickel plating that gives it a warm golden hue. Powering the vehicle is a 390hp 4.0-liter flat six that redlines at 7,200rpm. The Minnesota Coupe is based on a 1994 model with a 350hp 3.8-liter flat six. The understated gunmetal grey exterior perfectly matches the tobacco brow cabin. With an infinite combination of choices to choose from, no wonder he ordered two. So if you want to test out your skills at picking out the perfect options and colors, get in line quick as there’s already 80 people in line.