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Sevenhugs Smart Remote

A universal remote that lets you control everything by just pointing.

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Universal remotes allow us to do away with the insane amount of remote controls in our living room, yet programming them can be tricky. You still have to pair the remote with each device, which can be a cumbersome enough process to make you rethink the very idea of universal remotes.

To alleviate this process and to make the universal remote experience as easy and hassle free as possible, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote lets you control everything in your home with a single remote. The best part is that you can do so by simply pointing at what you want to control — the Smart Remote instantly adapts to anything you point at. It even supports services like Uber, where you can point at your door to hail a car. The Smart Remote works via wifi, Bluetooth, or infrared, which should cover basically every modern device in your home.