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Waterproof Keyboard

Schatzii Easy-KEY Wireless Waterproof Keyboard

Waterproof and compact, this keyboard makes data entry a snap while on the road.

So you’re having a pretty bad case of the Mondays; your feeble attempt to jump start the morning with a cup of the world’s strongest coffee was just made useless as you knock over the coffee on your desk. Good thing you had the foresight to shell out for water resistant and waterproof devices, including your phone and even your portable keyboard.

The Schatzii Easy-KEY is a wireless keyboard that not only folds into a light and compact form factor for your to carry around, it’s also waterproof. Being always on the go means that you need to react quickly to unforeseen accidents like split water and coffee, and this waterproof keyboard is one less thing you have to worry about while also making data entry a snap. So go ahead and spill your coffee; just make sure to get another one to kick off the week to a smooth start.