Saturdays NYC Vass Suede Combo Sneaker

Saturdays NYC Vass Suede Combo Sneaker

Canvas and suede. Subtle and striking at the same time.

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$ 135

A New York City menswear clothing and lifestyle brand that is perhaps best known for their summery graphic tees and swimwear collection, Saturdays NYC has also been quietly producing some truly exceptional footwear for years now.

Remaining true to the casual, breezy vibe that defines the Saturdays NYC apparel line, the new Vass Suede Combo Sneaker manages to be subtle and striking at the same time with its two-tone combination of canvas and suede. Taken as a whole, this slip-on shoe has a low-profile silhouette that positively screams summer.

All versions of the Vass Suede Combo Sneaker come with a rubber outsole, a leather insole, and a canvas heel of 100% cotton. But these shoes really pop thanks to their 100% suede uppers. The Vass Suede Combo Sneaker comes in suede of classic black, true red, or burnt khaki.