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Samdal Oreum House by Formative Architects

This Jeju Island Home Was Inspired By A Mother’s Embrace

The interior of Samdal Oreum House by Formative Architects is laid out over a sprawling spiral interior inspired by the home’s surroundings.

The Samdal Oreum House by Formative Architects is a home that evokes a mother’s embrace. Completed in 2019, the name of the home alludes to the 300 oreums on Jeju Island of South Korea. The conical deposits of volcanic material form a hollow center and serve as the inspiration to Formative Architect’s design. The 558 sqft home is near the sea but surrounded by trees to provide privacy.

The single-wing structure has multiple entrances into the open center with large glass windows and doors. Its nautilus-styled layout is an architectural homage to the geometric principles evident throughout nature that are key to defining the unique topography of Jeju Island. The space at the center of the home will be used for gardens and a playground. Wood and concrete composition features exposed beams and exposed rafters to evoke the traditional roofs of stone homes in the region. Curved wood and steel structures envelop the rooms, creating a snail shell impression from nearly all vantages, while providing for ample natural lighting throughout.