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Salt. x Radford RS-500 & RS-600

Salt. Optics Partners With Radford On Two Fresh Looks For Summer 2023

Premium driving sunglasses in Radford Motors-inspired colorways, like Gold Leaf and John Player Special.

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Chic eyewear and sleek automobiles have accompanied each other for decades. Salt. Optics and Radford Motors recently collaborated to honor some unforgettable moments in racing history in which sunglasses played an iconic role.

Fans remember Steve McQueen’s famous racing sunglasses and Paul Newman’s teardrop lenses. This latest collaboration between two performance-driven and perfectionist companies brings driving shades back to life just in time for summer 2023.

Salt Optics and Radford Motors combined forces to create two Salt. X Radford designs, the RS-500 and RS-600. The RS-500 frame and lenses are square, and the RS-600 tear-dropped. Both are available in four sophisticated Radford motors 62-2 colorways to match the vehicles, including Gold Leaf and John Player Special. The bridge styling on both models imitates that of an automotive grill.

The RS-500 and RS-600 Aerospace Grade Japanese Titanium frames are accompanied by Salt.’s CR-39 optical-grade polarized lenses with oleophobic, hydrophobic, and anti-reflective coatings. They diffuse dangerous light rays and reduce glare for optimal driving vision. The sunglasses arrive in a perforated genuine leather case with a velvet interior.

Salt. Optics and Radford Motors are known for their state-of-the-art designs and effortless beauty. These collaborative models live up to consumer expectations for both luxury companies. They are available now on the Salt. Optics website.

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