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Wooden Skateboard

Rollholz Wooden Skateboard

A sophisticated and stylish skateboard that adults can feel comfortable cruising in.

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As adults, we seem to have forgotten that skateboards are not just made purely for commuting purposes, like in the case of the Boosted Board 2 or longboards like the Yocaher Punked Drop Down Longboard, but to enjoy the freedom of traveling in the fresh air. Now that we’ve grown, our tastes have also matured as well, so cruising in a sticker laden skateboard that we used to ride in our teenage years just can’t do the trick anymore. If you’re feeling like rekindling the feeling of cruising on a board in a more stylish and age appropriate design, the Rollholz Wooden Skateboard may be right up your alley.

It’s a retro-inspired wooden skateboard with a marbleized paint finish, similar in approach to what Best Made have done with their axes. The wooden cruiser made from American walnut offers a bit more sophistication and style, a unique combination in the world of skateboarding. Available in two sizes, you can purchase just the deck or get the complete package with axles, bearings, and a set of white 62mm blank wheels.