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Razer Blade Stealth & Core

The only laptop gamers will ever need. Period.

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Unless you’re a diehard PC gamer, you will find yourself without an excuse to purchase a separate gaming PC, as most of your everyday needs can be taken care with a regular laptop. For those that have wanted the ultimate portability when it comes to your everyday computing needs but would like to have the power to drive the latest games when you need to relax at home, Razer has just announced the perfect solution at this year’s CES.

The Razer Blade Stealth is a sleek ultrabook that should satisfy your everyday needs at work or for casual use, but it has a companion with a slick trick up its sleeve. One cable is all it needs to transform the lightweight laptop into a full on gaming PC, thanks to the Razer Core that will soon be sold separately. It’s an external graphics enclosure that will allow you to transform your laptop into a desktop gaming experience, meaning that when you come home you can plug in your laptop and enjoy desktop quality games, making the Blade Stealth all the PC you would ever need.