Rare Bird

Rare Bird Anti-Pollution Mask

Next level anti-pollution protection — more comfortable, versatile, and stylish than ever before.

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Like Bono and Sting, vintage scooter enthusiast and Rare Bird founder Kondrad has no need for a last name. He also echoes these two rock superstars in his love of chic fashion and his concern for his fellow human beings and the environment in which we all live.

The Rare Bird website quotes World Health Organization figures that blame air pollution for killing 26,000 in the United Kingdom and 4.2 million around the world on an annual basis. So, for scooter and motorbike riders, anti-pollution protection is an absolute must. Rare Bird just takes this protection to the next level by making it more comfortable, versatile, and stylish than ever before.

Rare Bird places British Military Filtration Technology carbon cloth filters in incredibly cozy facemasks of linen, cotton, and wool. Impeccably designed and available in a broad spectrum of colors, patterns, and styles, these masks also give you ample opportunity to express yourself and set yourself apart from the pack.