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Porsche Legends: The Racing Icons from Zuffenhausen

René Staud’s ‘Porsche Legends: The Racing Icons from Zuffenhausen’

Noted photographer René Staud provides stunning shots of legendary Porsche racing cars.

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Like the great Peter “Maverick” Mitchell, German photographer René Staud has the need for speed. A pioneer in advertising and automotive photography, Staud has documented the luxury brands and top-class sports cars of the automotive industry for over 35 years. Tailored by the use of MagicFlash, a surface light technology that gives his photographs a shimmering, Renaissance gleam, Staud’s artwork is as opulent and polished as the design beauty of the cars he takes pictures of – Maserati, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, and Porsche.

René Staud has published seven volumes of automotive photography, among them the bestseller “The Porsche 911 Book.” Now, Staud is revisiting the classic German sports car brand with Porsche Legends: The Racing Icons from Zuffenhauser. The large format book features 200 photos, background information, and technical data on each of the Porsche models, beginning with the first Porsche, the type 356, produced in Zuffenhausen in 1950. From there, Staud speeds through a history full of highlights as Porsche sets new standards in design and performance, each new model combining the traditional Porsche genes with the technologies of the future. While the book is a stunning document of the history of the Porsche brand, it is also a monument to motorsport and all those who have the need for speed.

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