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PIE Smart Tape Measure

A tape measure specifically designed to measure body size — because body size matters when tracking health and fitness, not just weight.

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Shedding unwanted pounds is hard. Gaining muscle mass seems to take forever. Stepping on a scale… well, that’s best put off until tomorrow, when you haven’t just had a “cheat meal.” But, for anyone who is interested in losing weight, dedicated to tracking their health and fitness, or simply wants to know more about how their body fluctuates throughout the year, knowing your numbers is a task that can’t be put off. After all, how are you supposed to know if your diet and exercise regimen are working if you never take your measurements? The PIE Smart Tape Measure is the solution needed to help you know the most important number of all — your body size.

While for some people “size is just a number,” for others it is “the number.” With PIE Smart Tape Measure you can set a clear goal, understand your progress, and take control of your fitness efforts. The best part? You can send your insights straight to your smartphone for easy in-app progress reports. Take the guesswork out of living a healthier lifestyle.