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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Become A Plant Parent

Grow fresh herbs on your kitchen counter or add a plant companion to freshen up the air in your office with PICO.

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Gardening has always required space. At a bare minimum, you need an area where you get some sunlight, whether it’s on a window sill or porch. Ideally, you have a backyard with ample room. PICO changes all of that for those with a green thumb who are short on space. Now, you can grow a garden in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t matter if you live in a five-bedroom countryside ranch or a small studio apartment in a crowded city, PICO makes it possible to cultivate herbs and small plants anywhere. Designed with telescopic LED grow lights and mounts that attach to your wall, the built-in self-watering system makes it possible for anyone to grow a garden.

The small pods come with individual grow lights that can be connected to secondary PICOs via a USB cable. This way, you can connect all your pods to a single power outlet, which makes it possible to grow to your heart’s content. The LED lighting system ensures you don’t need a window, and the pods will adjust their watering based on the plant you’re growing. This allows you to have fresh herbs by growing them right in your kitchen, so you can finally grow your own home garden, regardless of where you live.