Perrin Brewing S’more Stout

Perrin Brewing S’more Stout

This stout is one of Perrin’s winter seasonals. It is brewed with flavors that elicit the feeling of gathering around a campfire.

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As the weather moves from the cooler fall months into the colder winter months, breweries around the country look to unleash their winter seasonal beers. Perrin Brewing Company, based out of Comstock Park, a suburb of the beer hotbed Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently announced it would put out the S’More Stout as one of its winter seasonals.

Instead of relying completely on chocolate and coffee flavors, as is the case with most traditional stouts, the Perrin Brewing S’more Stout has the taste of graham crackers, marshmallows, and a subtler note of chocolate. The confluence of those flavors gives you the familiar taste of a s’more, only in beer form. However, if you want to sample Perrin you’ll need to either live or visit the states of Michigan or Ohio. Although there’s a good chance this 7% ABV stout will be available in future years outside of Michigan and Ohio as the brewery’s distribution expands.