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Pepsi 1893

Pepsi 1893

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With the recent trend of alcohol flavors creeping towards flavors that were more traditionally associated with soft-drinks, looks like sodas are making a move towards establishing itself closer to that of fine whiskey or wine, possibly trying to secure a more prominent presence at the bar. At least that seems to be the reasoning behind the introduction of the Pepsi 1893, a decidedly more premium and “bolder” take on the cola.

Pepsi is looking back to its heritage with its 1893 name, which happens to be the year Pepsi started production of its unique and refreshing drink. The new cola is wrapped in a retro but sleek can design while the “bold” blend of kola nut extract, real sugar, and sparkling water, is as pure of an approach to the cola formula as it gets. (It also makes you wonder what else manufacturers have been putting into the sodas that we’ve been drinking.) Maybe we’ll start seeing soda sommeliers in the near future.