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'Patagonia National Park: Chile'

Rewilding Success Captured In New Book ‘Patagonia National Park: Chile’

Each page focuses on the dramatic and diverse ecosystems preserved through innovative conservation strategies.

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Patagonia National Park in Chile stands as a beacon of natural beauty and conservation success, stretching across the breathtaking landscapes of the Chacabuco Valley. Here, Andean condors glide over snow-capped peaks while herds of guanacos traverse the expansive grasslands. It’s a realm where mountain lions lurk in the shadows, epitomizing the wild spirit of this remote region.

This park, a product of a unique public-private partnership and visionary philanthropy, was transformed from a sheep ranch into a world-class national park through the efforts of conservationists led by Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and the late Douglas Tompkins. Together with the Tompkins Conservation team, their dedication has made Patagonia National Park a stunning example of ecological restoration and “rewilding.”

The story of this park and its founders is beautifully captured in the book Patagonia National Park: Chile, photographed by Linde Waidhofer. The book delves into the park’s rich natural and cultural history with contributions from notable figures like former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Patagonia company founder Yvon Chouinard. It serves as an invitation to explore a place where conservation and the freedom for all life to flourish are paramount.

This publication showcases stunning visuals and shares essays that celebrate the collaborative efforts behind the park’s creation. It is a testament to the power of radical hope and the enduring impact of protecting our planet’s wild spaces. Patagonia National Park: Chile is available from May 21, 2024, for $38—a compelling read for anyone passionate about nature, conservation, and adventure.

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