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Casa Ladera by WMR Arquitectos

Casa Ladera by WMR Arquitectos Is A Breathtaking Architectural Marvel On A Chilean Hillside

Designed by WMR Arquitectos, the residence defies convention by gripping onto a 45-degree slope.

Chilean architectural studio WMR Arquitectos has crafted a stunning architectural marvel on the windswept cliffs of Matanzas, Chile, known as Casa Ladera. This 2,130-square-foot (198-square-meter) residence, completed in 2022, defies gravity as it clings to a steep 45-degree slope, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and valley.

Unlike its neighbors perched atop the cliffs, Casa Ladera integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings. WMR Arquitectos took inspiration from the terrain itself, using pillars and wooden beams to construct the house’s four levels. The dark-colored pine exoskeleton, made from locally sourced wood, not only provides structural support but also frames the vertical bands of glass that envelop the home.

This remarkable home is a living example of harmonizing with nature rather than imposing on it. The innovative design allows for a cascade of living spaces, with each level offering a unique perspective of the landscape. From the top-level parking area to the primary suite on the lowest floor, Casa Ladera is an architectural marvel that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living.

One of the most striking features of the house is its ability to harness natural elements for thermal control. The transparent design captures sunlight throughout the day, eliminating the need for heating, while strategically placed windows provide natural air conditioning by harnessing the cool coastal winds.

WMR Arquitectos describes the house’s location as both a challenge and a triumph. Despite the logistical hurdles of building on such a precipitous slope, Casa Ladera by WMR Arquitectos stands as a testament to architectural innovation and adaptation to the environment. This awe-inspiring residence is a true masterpiece that invites residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Chilean coast while enjoying the comforts of modern living.

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