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PanicButton – Hide All Your Browser Tabs

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All work and no play can actually drop your work efficiency. The problem is your boss – yes, the one standing behind you clenching a whip – won’t agree with you on that point so it’s probably wise to enjoy your play time only when your boss isn’t around.

Panic Button, a Chrome extension developed by, is designed to minimize your chances of getting caught when surfing websites that aren’t work related. If you start feeling a disturbing presence behind you, just click on the Panic Button, then this simple and clever plugin will force all your browser tabs to disappear and replace them with a more relevant-looking page such as your email inbox. Once the threat is gone, you can click on the button once more, and all your previous tabs will instantly reopen.

You may think that manually closing all your browser windows is a quicker solution, but keep in mind that there’s nothing more suspicious than staring absentmindedly at a blank screen.