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OXX COFFEEBOXX Limited Edition

The world’s toughest coffee maker thinks its purpose is to protect the earth from a nuclear blast.

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On certain days, it feels like the only thing holding us together is a nice cup of coffee. Our body yearns for it, with our brain demanding to be resuscitated as our talent and willpower starts to draw from a dry well. If our body demands coffee without regard to time and place, shouldn’t our coffee makers be able to handle this kind of demanding abuse?

The OXX COFFEEBOXX is the world’s toughest coffee maker ready for anything. Say goodbye to lukewarm thermos coffee and hello to piping hot, fresh cup of joe anywhere, anytime. For starters, it’s portable and lightweight with a design that can go just about anywhere. It’s tough as nails too, made from impact resistant material to handle whatever you can throw at it, literally, while also being water, dust, and spill proof. The crush-proof core can even resist up to 0.25 tons. Built for the hardest working people on earth, the world’s most robust coffee maker is especially menacing in this all-black Limited Edition.