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Outlier Hardmarine Trench Coat

Outlier Releases A Sleek Trench Made Of Hardmarine Cotton

An interior zipped chest pocket, snap-tight cuffs, and zero-snap front buttons keep out the rain while maintaining a comfortable fit.

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$ 950

You know a trench coat the second you see it. It doesn’t matter who makes the coat, whether it is a high-end designer or a run-of-the-mill manufacturer, most trench coats still look more of less the same. Often featuring drab colors and less-than-flattering fits, most are about function more than fashion. At least until Outlier decided to put out its brand new Hardmarine Trench Coat. Using an experimental Hardmarine Cotton and a streamlined cut, this release is different than any other trench coat you’ve ever seen.

The Outlier Hardmarine Trench Coat features inside-outside hand pockets with an interior zipped chest pocket. This way, it doesn’t matter how hard the rain is coming down, everything on the inside of your jacket, including you, will remain dry. The zero-snap buttons on the front close easily so you won’t be fumbling with the buttons and the snap-tight cuffs close easily while allowing you to vent out body heat, which keeps you comfortable whatever the temperature.