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Outlier Nexhigh Flatness

Outlier’s Nexhigh Flatness Takes The Stress Out Of Packing

Forget neatness when packing — simply lay the Outlier Nexhigh Flatness out on the floor, toss some clothes on top, cinch it all up, and go.

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$ 275

“Simple innovation and wild experimentation in clothing” is the stated mission of the brand, Outlier. In the past, Outlier has managed to intrigue with some of the most fascinating experimental product drops of any brand today. Their latest release, the Nexhigh Flatness, does not disappoint. This is a bag that opens completely flat to allow for packing, and then snaps and cinches up into a versatile carryall that resembles a duffle. Outlier appropriately likens the bag to a duffel bag crossed with a flower.

Nexhigh is a custom developed fabric designed by Outlier to replace the Ultrahigh Dyneema Composite the brand previously used. Nexhigh allows for strength and flexibility, yet it doesn’t stretch. The bag employs a simple system of Autica clips, cord locks, and Fidlock closures which keep contents secure. Outlier went further by adding handles so that one can easily carry it like a duffel. When it’s not in use, the bag can be folded up into a compact and completely flattened form for easy storage.

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