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Hanna Sled Chair

OSIDEA Hanna Sled Chair

Make good design part of your home. A casual, yet elegant chair that’s also stackable.

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We’re big fans of great chairs, as it’s that item in your home or office that you interact with on a truly intimate level. (How many things/people in life can you say are more intimate with your rear end than your chair?) We mostly focus on comfort when it comes to chairs, but a great chair should not only be a resting place for your rear end but also a piece that becomes an integral part of your space with its good design.

Part of the Hanna Collection from OSIDEA, the Hanna Sled Chair designed by Antonio Basile is a casual, yet elegant chair. The slight curves at the back, made of molded plywood, offers just the right amount of support at the right spots, while the legs formed into a slight angle with a sled base offers additional visual interest, retaining the clean and minimalist design. The chair is also stackable, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space when you don’t need it.