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Outdoor Voices Upstate Hoodie

Outdoor Voices Upstate Hoodie

The only hoodie that you will ever need as a man.

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Everybody needs a comfortable hoodie, whether it’s for your morning jog or as a casual weekend lounger. If we had to choose one article of clothing that defined comfort, it would have to be the hoodie as it gives you comfort and warmth, as well as the freedom to wear while being active. You could obviously keep wearing your old hoodie with the name of your alma mater written on your chest, but there comes a time when a man needs to up his game for even the most overlooked item in his closet.

The Upstate Hoodie from makers of athletic wear Outdoor Voices is the perfect hoodie for you to graduate from your college hoodie. If the word ‘hoodie’ makes you imagine something loose fitting and only worn by high school or college students, this will make you change your mind as it’s minimalist and clean looks are designed to impress, while staying comfortably oversized. Made from their signature Textured Compression fabric that is sweat wicking and ultra breathable, the Outdoor Voices Upstate Hoodie will soon become your favorite hoodie year-round, whether you’re out playing ball with your friends, going for a run, or taking it easy on the weekends.