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Ortega Mk.1C Submersible

This personal submersible by Ortega Submersibles offers a stylish way to explore the depth of the sea.

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Although the majority of the Earth is covered in water, the ocean is still a place where most of it remains in mystery. It’s no surprise that we still don’t clearly know what creatures lurk in the dark depth of the sea, with occasional glimpses of giant squids washing up on our shores to give us an indication of what may be. For those with an insatiable spirit of exploration, Dutch company Ortega makes a rather interesting maritime toy for you to personally explore uncharted and new territories under water.

The Ortega Mk.1C is a three-seater submersible boat that supports dives of up to 310 feet. It can travel at up to 9 knots on the surface or 11 knots submersed thanks to the two high-powered electric motors that have been designed to handle both over and underwater duties. It has a range of 80 nautical miles and on-board breathing apparatus, so you can explore the sea with two of your friends. The Ortega submersible can also be equipped with Magnetometers, Sonar, FLIR, extra air supply, and extra cargo space of up to 250 liters, making it not only perfect for research institutions and government, but most importantly for personal use by bored playboy billionaire explorers.