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A new kind of music-making device that is easy enough for novices but powerful enough for professionals.

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Music is an expression of oneself, but mastering an instrument to get to the level of self expression has traditionally required years of practice. Thanks to advancements in technology, digital instruments have started to break from the mould of traditional instruments, making it much easier for a novice to pick up and making music.

Thankfully for those that have had the urge to create music but haven’t had musical training, the ROLI BLOCKS is a simple, intuitive music-making system that will get you creating your own music in no time. Made by the same people that redefined the “keyboard”, this square modular device can record, loop, change instruments, and play melodies so you can freely express your creativity. It’s a new way to shape sound that will also appeal to professionals as well, giving them a tactile and simple way to bring their sound to life. To see the BLOCKS in action, check out the video below.