This handy mini pump with an output of 100cc allows bikers to fix a flat as fast as possible.

The OneUp EDC Pump is a core offering to mountain bikers to ensure that all cyclists have exceptional and useful gear. This handy device features a high volume pump with an integrated storage solution. It’s designed to work with the EDC Tool System, CO2 canister, or other preference to make biking even easier. In its tiny package, the EDC PUMP offers an output of 100cc in comparison to a typical volume of 30cc to 60cc with other mini pumps on the market. With a weight of 160g, it has the highest volume-to-weight ratio available, allowing bikers to fix a flat as fast as possible.

The EDC Pump is easy to operate; simply push the pump head onto the Presta valve and start pumping. OneUp has made a fast-on head so that the valve stem is securely supported without any chance of breaking, bending, or unseating the valve and no need to worry about unscrewing the valve core when the pump is removed. All this and more in a sturdy aluminum case with a textured machined finish.