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Obi Worldphone SF1 & SJ1.5

Obi Worldphone SF1 & SJ1.5

The smart phone market has been dominated by big names like Apple, Samsung, and LG in recent years. The competition is fierce among those big names, but they’ve been more concerned about how to out do one another rather than thinking about how to improve the smart phone experience for consumers. Because of this, prices are still high and we are bombarded with new technology that at times seem irrelevant to those who just need a simple phone that can perform well on the things that really matter.

Targeting emerging markets, newcomer Obi Worldphone presents a new kind of smart phone that may actually be the smart phone that we need. The Obi Worldphone SF1 and SJ1.5 are two new direction presented by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley and features a tweaked version of Android for a more cohesive experience. The specs are nothing ground breaking but impressive nonetheless as the priority of the phone is to keep it as a certain price point without becoming a cheap knockoff.

When Sculley introduced the two phones to the world, he made it clear that it was not going to be an Apple competitor, despite the numerous similarities that we see. We’ll just have to see how this new phone company does in the fiercely competitive market.