Oakley Ahyris Collection

Oakley Ahyris Collection

The innovative construction of the Oakley Ahyris Collection sets it apart from any other glasses in terms of design and lens security.

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$ 153+

Oakley’s reputation for being one of the best sunglass manufacturers in the world continues with the Ahyris Collection. Constructed using up to 24 components, these sunglasses give you not just a comfortable fit, but durability as well.

The lenses are not simply popped into the frame, which is the case on most other sunglasses. With the Oakley Ahyris Collection, there is a rear frame and a secondary protective frame that sandwich the lenses in between, held by securing bolt-like rivets. This innovative construction sets the Oakley Ahyris Collection apart from the competition in terms of both design and optimal lens security.

The collection consists of a number of frame shapes, lens colors, and materials, giving you the choice to find your unique pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses.