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Nocs NS1100 Air

Nocs Unveils Its NS1100 Air Earbuds

The NS1100 Air work with a dedicated app that can analyze a user’s hearing to optimize sound quality.

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$ 150

Stylish, comfortable in-ear headphones are great to have for listening to tunes while on the go. But if they don’t provide much listening time, or if it is too complicated to temporarily pause the audio to hear the outside world, a better solution is in order. Just released, the Nocs NS1100 Air runs on 30 hours of battery life when they and their case (which functions as a charger too) are fully charged. They make for a more pleasant listening experience because the new design includes Hybrid Active Noise Canceling technology.

With Hybrid ANC, the listener experiences noise suppression with the headphones adapting to the environment and fixing processing errors on the fly. That is the result of the device analyzing sounds to eliminate them in the ears, by generating “anti-noise” to filter them out. Users actually calibrate the sound so it is optimized for their listening preferences and the system adapts accordingly. The “NOC Design” app for Android and iOS allows users to control the earbuds, to fine-tune the experience. Audio is clear, with 24-bit 192KHz HD sound and high-resolution sound with AAC codec support included. Perhaps most interesting is how the listening experience is further enhanced with Transparency Mode. The user activates it with a tap on the earbud, to let in sound from the outside world temporarily.

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