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Nike Vision KD Collection

Nike Vision KD Collection

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For active types, poor eyesight can be an annoyance and a hindrance. It’s definitely difficult to maneuver around freely while wearing glasses, and for those that have played sports will no doubt have at least a pair of glasses that they have inadvertently destroyed thanks to poor judgment on your part or others. A completely broken pair is no use when attempting to continue playing, while the tape around the bridge is a hard look to pull off, even if your last name is Urkel.

Nike has been manufacturing eyewear for everyday and active use that is more appropriate for those that have an active lifestyle. Their newest venture is the Nike Vision KD Collection with NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who also wears glasses during in his everyday life. The new line of eyewear comes in six different styles and will be light, comfortable, and strong, perfect for those men that lead an active lifestyle. Even if you don’t necessarily see yourself conquering the physical world, the playful color ways on offer should be enough to add more character than generic glasses.

So for those that are dying to hit the nearest court to play your favorite sport but have always been hesitant from worrying about breaking another pair of glasses from a basketball that has lost its way, the Nike Vision KD Collection has you covered. And if you do end up breaking a pair, no need to worry too much as there are five more styles for you to try out.