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Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

The level of claustrophobic restlessness increases as airlines try to squeeze every inch out of each and every flight. For us passengers on long flights, this means being stuck in a space that is more like a chicken coop than something that is suitable for human use. The free movies and TV shows on demand is definitely a saving grace, but there’s only so much we can handle without our eyes starting to dry up like the Mojave Desert. With blood shot eyes, the best thing to do is to down a couple of drinks, but these generic brands can’t come anything close to what your sensitive tastebuds are accustomed to. Only if there was a more delicious beverage that can quench your thirst and alcoholic tendencies…

For situations like this, the perfect solution may be the Carry-On Cocktail Kit. The name itself is pretty self explanatory and for those that are worried about TSA agents getting on your case, you won’t have to worry as it has been approved by the almighty TSA. With three flavors such as an Old Fashioned, a gin and tonic or a Moscow mule, you can enjoy a classy drink while your fellow passengers stomach questionable beverages. The included instructions make it easy to create your own drinks to perfection without bothering the person sitting next to you as it doesn’t require a cocktail shaker. The only downside is that you can’t bring your own alcohol, but at least this way you will be able to disguise the taste of whatever liquor the flight attendants hand you in those tiny bottles.

This may be a far cry from the drinks your favorite bartender creates for you at your local bar, but the Carry-On Cocktail Kit should be the perfect solution to appease your in-flight restlessness and boredom.