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MWA Pull-Pong Table

MWA Pull-Pong Table

Dining table that can transform into a ping-pong table.

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Ping-pong can be a fun sport to play at home with your family or at the office break room (if you’re so lucky) with coworkers. It doesn’t involve a tremendous amount of skill to just goof around while still being challenging enough for anyone to jump on and have a good time. For those that learned to play “ping-pong” during after hour extra-curricular activities in high school or college, the absence of red cups and use of paddles may come as a surprise, but what shouldn’t be surprising is that ping-pong tables take up a lot of room.

For those that are dying to have a ping-pong table in your home or office, but are also in need of a regular table, the MWA Pull-Pong table is the perfect solution for you. The convertible full size Pull-Pong ping-pong table can fold into a dining table that can sit up to eight, making better use of space when you’re not playing ping-pong (which is probably most of the time). Not just a space saver, the table is also beautifully designed to fit into any modern space without looking out of place.

The MWA Pull-Pong table can be had for €2,500 and ships from Denmark.