Lungolinea Wood Ping Pong Table

Impatia Lungolinea Wood Ping Pong Table

Impatia reinterprets the classic ping pong table in glass and wood.

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This isn’t something you’ll find in a fraternity basement, as the craftsmanship on this ping pong table takes a connoisseur to fully appreciate. Designed and built in Italy by talented artisans, the table top is made of crystal glass, and the supports are ash wood legs with a walnut finish.

This refined object of beauty features soft angles with polished metal and chrome plated components that add elegance to the game table. Adjustable leg stands provide balance and stability. The net is made of Alcantara, a microfiber made in Milan. The table comes with everything you need to play on the transparent surface, including a net kit, six rackets, and six balls. Needless to say, red plastic cups and cheap keg beer are not included.