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Love Hulten Arcade Coffee Table

The Perfect Table For The Interior Design Loving Gamer

The Love Hultén Arcade Coffee Table is a sleekly designed table with pull-out arcade controllers.

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The design principle of Love Hultén is driven by combining modern technology to carry on the tradition of artisan craftsmanship. By combining starkly contrasting styles into each of his one-of-a-kind, hand-made, and made-to-order pieces of furniture, the Swedish craftsman achieves a unique aesthetic that blurs the line between the past and present.

The Love Hultén Arcade Coffee Table is a perfect centerpiece for any living room, and showcases his unique style by combining warm American Walnut with the face of an arcade console hidden surreptitiously inside its lone drawer. This coffee table is a quintessential example of the Gothenburg-based craftsman’s work. The coffee table fits in any interior inconspicuously thanks to its minimalist design that puts an emphasis on the texture of its wood grain and the warm ambiance that adds. Yet, pulling out the drawer reveals a white panel fit with interactive arcade-style buttons and joysticks. Brass accents on the table and joystick panel bridge the gap between these two different aesthetics to achieve harmony in this hand-made piece of furniture.