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Motorsport Pit Stops Comparison

Speed is king when it comes to the world of racing.

A small mistake at one moment could not only lead to losing the race but also lead to dangerous situations at another, making teamwork between the pit crew as important as the skills of the driver.

Although we vaguely had an idea that these people were skilled at looking after these high performance machines at incredible speed, we never really had a chance to closely look at what goes on in these fast paced pit stops. Thankfully YouTuber Rdwomack2 made is easier for us to compare the various pit stops between Formula One, Indycar, Formula E, NASCAR, and WEC by way of editing out all the unnecessary parts of each race, mainly the parts that involve driving.

We knew that having a small crew will be detrimental for certain teams but in contrast we cannot help be impressed by the pit crews in Formula One that seems to be able to go through the whole routine faster than our mothers can go over our neighborhood speed bump.